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Yokaichi / Protected townscape

This old town that flourished as an area of Japanese wax production from the late Edo period through to the Meiji period is designated as one the nation's Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings
For a stretch of about 600 meters, the street is lined with the former residences of wealthy merchants, each packed with ornamental design features that are still visible.
* The Edo period is when the country was under the control of the samurais led by the Tokugawa shogunate family.
* The Meiji period (1868-1912) is when Japan rapidly began to modernize, adopting foreign cultures and technologies.

Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun
Business hours
Parking space
Passenger car 300 yen / large bus 1,020 yen
80 passenger car parking spaces / 15 large vehicle parking spaces