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Bunka no Sato Rest House

An admission free rest house located amid the townscape of Unomachi which is designated as one of the nation's Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings.
All are welcome to drop by, receive a cup of tea and settai hospitality, and have a rest.
There's the opportunity to try on a Kimono and wander around the Edo style townscape.
* Settai is a friendly custom whereby local residents welcome travelers with tea or food.
* Kimono is the traditional national dress of Japan, worn with a sash.
* The Edo period is when the country was under the control of the samurais led by the Tokugawa shogunate family.

3-223, Unomachi, Uwa-cho, SeiyoCity
Business hours
9:00~17:00 (Last admission for fitting 16:00) * Reservation required for fitting.
Monday (the following day if Monday is a public holiday), December 28th to January 3rd
Parking space
Admission fee
[Kimono wearing experience] 3,000 yen per session