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The street along which parts of the old castle town still remain takes its name from Ohanahan a TV drama that was filmed here
It's flanked on both sides with former samurai residences and merchants' storehouses and makes for a pleasant stroll among the old Edo and Meiji period townscapes.
The extra width of this particular road is attributed to the fact that it once served as a route taken by the feudal lord of Ozu.
* Ohanahan is a TV drama that was broadcast in Japan between 1966 and 1967.
* The Edo period is when the country was under the control of the samurais led by the Tokugawa shogunate family.
* The Meiji period (1868-1912) is when Japan rapidly began to modernize, adopting foreign cultures and technologies.

Ozu, OzuCity
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43 passenger car parking spaces / 6 large vehicle parking spaces